Clark Kent

Rippin' Good Convo

Ripseyroo (1:04:01 PM): i consider you retarded
Dariodevil (1:04:26 PM): I am not retarded.
Dariodevil (1:04:34 PM): I am intellectually-different.
Dariodevil (1:04:37 PM): And emotionally-interesting.
The Joker


Trip went quite well. Having loads of fun. Forgot my phone charger, so keeping my cell off unless I have to make a call. Won't be able to reach me. Good times. More to follow.
Stupendous Man

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Ghostbusters. At the end, after the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man explodes. Egon says "I feel like the floor of a taxicab," while covered in melted goop. That's where that's from.