Dario (dariodevil) wrote,


Crash and burn. Get up, keep moving. Because I have nothing else to do that's worth doing.

(A little background: Sara and I have silly conversations. Often, she asks me to tell her stories. Don't ask me how that got started. Eventually it evolved into her demanding stories, like a capricious child.)

Ripseyroo (2:42:44 PM): tell story
Dariodevil (2:43:53 PM): Once upon a time, there was a triangle that was very sad, because it wasn't like any of the other triangles
Dariodevil (2:44:06 PM): It sat in the back of the classroom, alone, while all the squares and circles talked to each other.
Dariodevil (2:44:19 PM): It ate lunch alone, while all the squares and circles ate together and laughed.
Dariodevil (2:44:37 PM): So finally, the triangle snapped, and killed everyone in his school with his pointy head.
Dariodevil (2:44:52 PM): It took seven U.S. Marshalls and over 100 rounds of ammo to take the triangle down.
Dariodevil (2:45:08 PM): And because of that, shapes aren't allowed to talk to anyone any more.
Dariodevil (2:45:13 PM): The moral of this story:
Ripseyroo (2:45:22 PM): haha
Dariodevil (2:45:23 PM): Communication leads to mental stimulation. Don't communicate.
Ripseyroo (3:10:54 PM): ok
Ripseyroo (3:10:56 PM): master
Ripseyroo (3:11:18 PM): why is drew carrey so kwality
Dariodevil (3:11:33 PM): Because he is fat.
Dariodevil (3:11:39 PM): When you eat something, you asborb it's soul.
Dariodevil (3:11:43 PM): And as you know, soul = comedy.
Dariodevil (3:11:49 PM): That's why black people are inherently funnier than whites.
Dariodevil (3:11:51 PM): They have more soul.
Dariodevil (3:12:03 PM): So Drew Carrey, having never skipped a meal in his life, has devoured many an animal's soul
Dariodevil (3:12:19 PM): And thus, has more comedic value than, say, Dan Rather, who often skips meals


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