Haven't had a cigarette since roughly 8pm yesterday. Don't want to. I find myself equal parts hyper and haggard, rambling yet concise. It's absolutely bizarre.

Since about 10 this morning, I've been eating. And eating. And eating. I've eaten a pineapple fruit cup, a Salisbury steak T.V. dinner, a piece of apple pie, and I'm currenly nuking a spaghetti and meatballs T.V. dinner.

I have to do this. So I will. But the first few weeks are always the worst. I've tried quitting smoking enough times to know this. You know what they say, though. 734th time's the charm!


"Is he the 'troubled' one?"

My girlfriend's mother, when told she was dating The Boy That Worked At Blockbuster Years Ago.

The legend lives on.

In other news, I don't feel like blogging much today.